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AIEEE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS WITH REGARD TO FILL UP APPLICATION FORM OF AIEEE Q. 1-3. Candidate’s Name, Mother’s Name, Father’s Name not filled in the form A. Mandatory to fill in the application form. Candidate may check their status on AIEEE website and filled accordingly. Q. 04 Whether filling of all 4 choices for center are […]

Career Options in India other than Engineering and Medical

Career Options in India At a time when the craze for lucrative jobs drives students to Engineering and Medical professions, a private school at suburban Kolathur in North Chennai today showcased vast career opportunities available in other booming sectors in the country. If the students want to ‘ever win’ in life, there’s more to career […]

CBSE Promotion Policy for Class IX Students under CCE

Promotion Policy for Class IX The School-based Assessment card includes reporting of students’ performance in scholastic as well as given co-scholastic areas in terms of grades. In order to provide sufficient scope and space for different abilities of different students, number of significant co-scholastic areas has been included in the assessment scheme. It is hoped […]

CBSE Improvement Exam for Class IX in SA-II

CBSE Improvement After summative assessment II in class IX, a student will get only one more chance for improvement to obtain a qualifying grade D. This is also applicable to those students who are not able to appear in summative assessment due to sickness. This chance may be provided preferably within a time of one […]

Akshar-Aakar: Logo and Motto Competition by KVS

Akshar-Aakar: Logo and Motto Competition On ThinkQuest Platform The contest seeks to unleash creative and imaginative talents of students and teachers. All teachers and students (From VI onwards) of KVS are eligible to take part in the contest. All that they need to participate is to have an active Thinkquest account. 4. The employees of […]

Collection of Assessment Data of students in Class X

Collection of Assessment Data of students presently in Class X and appearing in SA2 in March, 2011 You are aware that the scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) and Grading System was introduced by Central Board of Secondary Education at Secondary Stage in all schools affiliated to it from the academic session 2009-2010. The […]

Mass Media Studies and Media Production in CBSE Syllabus

Mass Media Studies and Media Production Mass Media Studies and Media Production is one of such fields which is attracting a lot of young people these days because of such interesting career options in the fields, like various kinds of Media News Papers, Magazines, Video, Television, Advertisement and Public relations etc. The Board has started […]

Food Production, Food & Beverage Services in CBSE Syllabus

Food Production, Food & Beverage Services (Hospitality and Toursim) India’s hotel industries is the second largest in the Asia-Pacific region. It is expected that hospitality industry in India is projected to grow at a rate of 8.8 per cent during 2007-16, placing India as the second-fastest growing tourism market in the world. The tourism industry […]

Geospatial Technology aka Geomatics in CBSE Syllabus

Geospatial Technology In recent times, there is a strong public perception for imparting knowledge on Geospatial Technology due to emerging growth of Geodatabase creation and spatial information analysis. The economy requires huge manpower equipped with relevant skills to manage in the Geospatial and remote sensing technology. The increasing use of fully automated methods of spatial […]

Minor Science Projects in India

Science Projects in India Characterization of Begomo virus causing sunflower leaf curl disease and Development of disease diagnostic tools Synthetic seed preparation throught encapsulation of somatic embryous and plant regeneration of sterculia urens Roxd. A commercially and medicinally important tree species Anti microbial activity of marine isolates: Identification, isolation and characterization. Studies on heat induced […]