SCMLD, Pune PG and Executive Leadership Admission



SCMLD Admission

Sadhana Centre for Management and Leadership Development (SCMLD) Pune

Admissions open

Employability and Entrepreneurship Building, Residential

Post Graduate Programme in Executive Leadership (PGPEL)

Advanced Programme in Executive Leadership (APEL)

Alongside MBA from Indira Gandhi National Open University

Most Student friendly selection process: Group process and preliminary short-listing in 20 cities; need to buy prospectus and application only if short listed in group process; topics for group process and written test syllabus already on the website

After short listing from group process one can prepare and take the written test either in Pune on any day between 13th to 20th March, 2011 or before at specified centres outside Pune

Admission and acceptance of fee after the candidate and at least one of the parents visit campus and are satisfied

Last date for group process: 13th March, 2011

Last date for written test: 20th March, 2011

Life changing transformation processes; smoking and drinking prohibited; addictive overuse/misuse of laptops, internet, mobile phones etc are not allowed

Honesty, integrity, hard work, truth, ethics, values, tolerance, acceptance of diversity and team work absolutely essential

Special coaching for communication, English, applied maths, comprehension, application of commonsense, reasoning, logic and thinking; powerful processes for good habits formation, discipline and to be healthy-physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social

Those who are looking for opportunity to learn and change and become a performer to contribute to businesses and through that to self, family, community and the country are only welcome

Admission process closes on 20th March, 2011

Eligibility: Bachelor degree of any recognized university

Final year students also can apply

For IGNOU MBA-50% in graduation (SC/ST 45%) and minimum 40%/ percentile in CAT/MAT/XAT/CET of state governments or OPENMAT of IGNOU essential

Placement: First time SCMLD batches (2004-06-08) 100%, next two batches (2007-09-10) 98%

The current batch passing out in April 2011; out of 288 students 171 already placed

Average salary so far Rs 3.87 lac per annum

SCMLD is a serious learning centre for skills, positive attitudes and habits development for conscious living for a contributing life

Placement is only a means. It will happen if one applies commonsense and has communication skills, normal IQ and analytical skills, conceptual depth, application insights, right attitude, initiative, and is a sincere and constant learner

SCMLD can facilitate all these provided, one sincerely participates, partakes and learn

For details visit or contact 09552590071, Email [email protected], [email protected]

Registered office and main campus; 392A, Mahale Plot, Deep Bungalow-Vetal Chowk Road, Model Colony PO, Pune-411016, Tel 020-25672026, Fax 020-66033796

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