CBSE Formative Assessment Techniques and Examples



Formative Assessment

Formative Tasks are the tools for improving the teaching-learning process

1. Formative Assessment should be used as an opportunity for the teacher to consult parents at least twice in each term, i.e., after each Formative Assessment so that the strengths and weaknesses of every student can be discussed and efforts are made to address the gaps in learning. In such meetings the student’s views should also be obtained so that it becomes a fruitful dialogue between the student, the teacher and the parent.

2. Every Formative Assessment must be followed by diagnosis of the difficulties faced by students. It means that Formative Assessment must be diagnostic in nature so that suitable remedial measures are taken to ensure improvement.

3. FA 1, FA 2, FA 3, and FA 4 should not be based on only one task. Every such assessment should make use of two or more tasks ensuring variety such as role play, practical work, presentations, projects, worksheets etc.

4. It is to be borne in mind that all the Formative Assessment tasks need not be meant for assessment. Some may be used purely for teaching and some for assessment.

5. If many tasks are used for any one formative assessment, the best grades obtained by a student may be taken for recording. It means that grades need not be given on the basis of identical tasks for all. It will help us cater to multiple intelligences besides enabling every student to tap her/ his strengths.

6. Formative Assessment should help us to make the teaching – learning process enjoyable for all students. So it is essential that we follow a child- friendly approach to assessment. Please discuss this circular with the teachers of your school to ensure proper Formative Assessment practices.

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