CBSE Evidence of Assessments (EAs)



Evidence of Assessments

‘To ensure the reliability, validity and fairness of assessment, the Board is collecting marks/grades assigned at school level through specially designed software. Besides the collection of marks/grades, the Board is simultaneously doing a random collection and verification of the ‘Evidence of Assessments (EAs)’ conducted at school level under Formative assessment and Summative assessment.

These ‘Evidence of Assessments (EAs)’ and the marks awarded will be verified by the subject experts appointed and empanelled by the Board at the Regional level. The objective is to assess the ‘Practices of School Based Assessment’. The experts would submit their report on these ‘Evidence of Assessments (EAs)’ vis-a-vis award of marks. Their report will help in verifying the school based assessments as well as provide feedback to the Board about implementation of CCE scheme at grassroots level.

The schools which will be shortlisted by the Regional Office will be requested to send the ‘Evidence of Assessments (EAs)’ for SA-1, FA3 & FA4. This material (FA tasks and SA answer sheets) is being collected initially in five subjects: Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. Please ensure that these ‘Evidence of Assessments (EAs)’ sent to the Board comprise of the performance of five students taken from each of the three categories i.e. top, middle and bottom levels of achievements. Thus, your school if selected, should be submitting fifteen Evidence of Assessments (EAs) (FA tasks and SA answer sheets) for every assessment i.e. 15 for FA (FA3, FA4 taken together) and 15 for SA1. This is applicable only to one subject which will be communicated to you by the Regional Offices.

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  • how to know my roll no. of class x school level SA2 2011 examination? and who will examine our papers?

    sambuddha mukherjee on 27 Feb 2011
  • Does each and every CBSE affiliated school has to go for EA’s or the selected ones by the Regional offices?

    Reena Singh on 05 Nov 2011
  • I am senior maths teacher in FATIMA SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL GONDA. U.P. affiliation no. 213oo53, school no- U.P. 8548 , my school has recieved a circular in which there is detail of evidence verification but that circular is common to all, please ensure me that my school is in that selected schools or not, we are in doubt…FATIMA SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL , GONDA, U.P. affiliation no. 2130053 , school no. U.P. 8548 , PLEASE.

    BRAJESH SRIVASTAVA on 12 Nov 2011
  • I would like to see the report sent from our school- Karnataka Public School on checklist for collection of student data – sba- scholastic class x 2012-2013

    malavika on 22 Jan 2013