ICT in Schools in India



ICT in Schools

Information and Communication Technology has permeated in every walk of life affecting the technology fields such as launching satellites, managing businesses across the globe and also enabling social networking
. The convergence of computer, communication and content technologies, being known as ICT, have attracted attention of academia, business, government and communities to use it for innovative profitable propositions. Year by year it is becoming simpler to use devices such as desktop palm top, iPod, laptop etc.

21st century is characterized with the emergence of knowledge based society wherein ICT plays a pivotal role. The National curriculum framework 2005 (NCF 2005) has also highlighted the importance of ICT in school education
. With this backdrop, major paradigm shift is imperative in education characterised by imparting instructions, collaborative learning, multidisciplinary problem-solving and promoting critical thinking skills.

Government of India has announced 2010-2020 as the decade of innovation. Reasoning and Critical thinking skills are necessary for innovation. Foundation of these skills is laid at school level. It is desirable that affordable ICT tools and techniques should be integrated into classroom instructions right form primary stage so as to enable students develop their requisite skills. Most of the tools, techniques and tutorials are available in Open domain and accessible on web.

This may require setting up a classroom equipped with LCD projector and facility for computer mediated instructions. Specifically such classroom must have:
a. A projection or display device
b. An interactive system
c. Computer with UPS System

Education content mapped to the CBSE curriculum topics covering all major subjects across all grades may be created gradually by teachers teaching the content.

As a first step in this direction, all CBSE affiliated schools are advised to setup atleast one classroom in their schools equipped with technology to enable usage of digital instruction materials in the classroom. Teachers wishing to teach a topic with multimedia resources can take the class to this classroom. Proper advance scheduling may help teachers in their venture.

ICT in Schools
Source: http://www.icbse.com/2010/ict-schools-education-india/

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