CBSE Physical Education Cards (PEC)



PEC Cards

Objectives of the Physical Education Cards (PEC)

  1. to offer support by introducing new teaching approaches and activities for primary age group Jor-physical education lessons as well for the curriculum teaching.
  2. to provide a new range of educational resources for Physical Education
  3. to offer training to all of the primary staff who deliver primary educational lessons.
  4. to assist schools to deliver elements of the Physical Education curricula.
  5. to act as a research base that will demonstrate the wider benefits that Physical Education card have on the whole child education outcomes.

It is mandatory for all the schools to incorporate the Physical Education Cards (PEC).

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  • Can I see a copy of a PEC card? I would like to see the activities involved in teaching a topic in any subject.

    Christine on 07 Jan 2011
  • how to prepare a PEC card?Is there any format to prepare the program? Please can I see it?

    sunita on 26 Mar 2011
  • Please give me the details of contents about PEC cards for CBSE physical education teachers

    Saleej,KT on 15 Nov 2011