Kerala HSE Computer Science Model Papers




Total Score: 60

Maximum Time:
2.15 Hours


Read the questions carefully before answering them.

2. Maximum time allowed is 2 hours 15 minutes, including cool off time.

3. First 15 minutes is cool off time during which you should not answer the questions. This time is meant to read the questions carefully.

4. Answer all questions taking the internal choices.

1. The value assign to yellow color when the following C++ code is used in a program is enum color

 {green=4, yellow, red=7}; 

( 1 score)

2. Consider the following code and write the output of d ( 1 score)

float add(int a = 10, float b = 5.0, int c =10)

return a+b+c;
d = add(10.0);

3. The function that returns non-zero value if no error has occurred is………… ( 1 score)

4. (A+B) . B = B, the law used here is ……………………….. ( 1 score)


if ((a+b>c) && (a+c>b) && (b+c>a))

cout<<”triangle formation is possible”; else cout<<”triangle formation is not possible”;

Replace above code by using conditional operators. ( 2 score)


 class student

int rollno,
char name(10),
int mark[6];
int total();

Explain how memory is allocated for the above objects.


7. What are constructors? List their characteristics. ( 2 score)

8. While reading data from the text file, the white space characters or blanks are not read. What can be the reason? Suggest a remedy. ( 2 score)

9. Anu and Rasik are members of system development team. During the investigation and fact recording phase of development they had to choose between interviewing and using questionnaires. Can you help them by explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each method? ( 2 score)

10. Draw the logic circuit diagram for the following Boolean expression. X + Y’ .Z ( 2 score)

11. Consider the table with the following fields Name, RollNumber and Mark for a set of students. Suggest a field among them which is suitable for primary key? Justify your answer.


12. Name the most appropriate SQL data type required to store the following data. ( 2 score)

(a) Name of student (maximum of 25 characters)

(b) Date of Birth of student

(c) RollNo of the student ( in the range of 1 to 50)

(d) Percentage of marks obtained (correct to 2 decimal places)

13. To make a mobile phone active for communication we have to put a card in it. Give the name and discuss its specialty. ( 2 score)

14. Given a word “COMPUTER SCIENCE”, write a C++ program to reverse the word without using any string functions. (3 score)


15. Suppose in your family a marriage function is arranged. For the smooth functioning of the Marriage function different groups are formed and each group is assigned separate duties.

(a) Which OOP feature can be correlated to this situation? (1 score)

(b) Write a brief note on that feature. (2 score)

16. Predict the output of the following program and explain.

int age = 20;

class student
int age;
void init()
age = 25;
void show()
cout<<”Age = “<<<”Age = “<<::age; } }; void main() { student s; s.init();; } (3 score)

17. Predict the output of the following C++ program.

class ABC

int a;
float b;
ABC (int x = 1, float y = 0.0)
a = x;
b = y;
void print()

18. A program in C++ contains function named area (). While calling this function it calculate the area of a square or area of triangle or area of rectangle required.(1 score)

(a) Name the feature of OOP used in the program.

(b) Implement this feature in C++. (2 score)


19. Discuss any four file modes in C++. (3 score)

20. Suppose you are selected in a team for the development of Hospital Management System. As a part of system analysis, which tools are used to make the process of analysis easier? Explain briefly (3 score)

21. State and prove DeMorgan’s first theorem. (3 score)

22. Explain the following (a) Data Independence (b) Select Operation (c) Primary Key


23. As a part of your school project you are asked to create a table Student with the fields RollNo, Name, Date of Birth and score in computer science. The constraints required are RollNo is Primary Key. Name can’t be empty and score in computer science should be less than 60. (3 score)

24. Explain the following terms

(a) MoDem

(b) Satellite Communication

(c) Repeater (3 score)

25. With proper real life example, explain inheritance in details.


26. Define a class EMPLOY with suitable data member and member functions. Also write a C++ program to read the basic pay and deduction of 10 employees in an office and find their total pay and net pay using the above class.

  • Total pay = basic pay +DA +HRA +CCA
  • Net pay = total pay – deduction
  • Where, DA = 25% of basic pay, HRA = 5% of basic pay CCA = 2% of basic pay (5 score)

27. Write SQL statements for the following tasks.

a. Create a table named Stock with the following fields.

Item code character 5

Item Name character 30

Quality numeric 6

Unit_price decimal 7,2

Date of purchase

b. List the details of items according to the ascending order of quality.

c. Display the details of items with price in the range of 1000 to 2000

d. Display stock with total price of each item

e. Delete the items whose date of purchase not entered. (5 score)

28. Explain the various access methods to transmit messages. (5 score)


  • 1. yellow = 5
  • 2. d=30
  • 3. good()
  • 4. Absorption Law
  • 5. ((a+b>c) && (a+c>b) && (b+c>a)) : TFP: TFNP;
  • 6. Three separate memory for data(s) for three object but common memory function
  • 7. Any 4 characteristics
  • 8. The operator used for reading the file may be ‘>>’ use getline() or get().
  • 9. Advantages of interview & Advantages of Questionnaire
  • 10. X + Y’ .Z –Logic Circuit
  • 11. RollNo is used, it should be unique, no duplicate value.
  • 12. a. varchar(25), b. date c. smallint or interger d. dec(5,2)
  • 13. SIM card, n/w interface card. interface node and the n/w
  • 14. 2 mark for logic & 1 mark for correct output
  • 15. a. Modularity b. Modularity explanation
  • 16. Age = 25 b. Age =20
  • 17. 1 & 0.0, 3 & 0.0, 2 & 1.5
  • 18. (a) Function over loading (b) correct C++ code
  • 19. ios::in, ios::out, ios::app, ios::ate, ios::binary, ios::trunk, ios::nocreate, ios::noreplace
  • 20. interview, questionnaires, on-site observation, sampling
  • 21. 1 mark for statement and 2 marks for proof
  • 22. 1 mark for each explanation
  • 23. CREATE TABLE Student

    ( RollNo integer NOT NULL Primary Key, Name char(20) NOT NULL, Dob date, CS CHECK(CS
  • 24. 1 mark for each definition
  • 25. Family and its relationship, 1 mark for each types
  • 26. 1 mark for class definition, 3 marks for correct code & 1 mark for result
  • 27. a. 1 mark table creation b – e. 1 mark for each correct SQL query.
  • 28. Explanation for CSMA/CD and Token Ring – each 2 ½ marks

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