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The Central Board of Secondary Education answers questions relating to its examinations from The Hindu’s readers. Readers are welcome to send in questions, primarily those relating to Class X and XII examinations, to [email protected]n, which will be forwarded to the CBSE.
Answers to select questions will be published in these columns in subsequent installments. The purpose of this series is also to help reduce examination-related stress in students.
Is grading system done subject-wise or for all subjects as a whole? If it is done as a whole, how can I know my marks in individual subjects? Is preparation based on the NCERT books sufficient for scoring outstanding marks? Can deleted portions for maths, science and social be intimated? How to score high marks?
The students will be awarded subject-wise grades. Marks will not be mentioned in this year’s Class-X examination result sheet.
The Board recommends textbooks published by NCERT. A student may refer to Board’s syllabus for different subjects in Secondary School Curriculum Volume-I 2010.
Thorough study with understanding of the included concepts will certainly help a student perform better in the examination.
Board exams were definitely a burden until CCE started but now I feel CCE is more burdensome. I would like to point out the problems that affect the students:
True talent is not identified. A student studying hard for getting 99 per cent is the same as the person who is going to get 90 per cent. So students may stop aiming high.
Although exams are important, students start concentrating on the projectsinstead of coping up with the portions that are taken in the class.
Students are graded for everything they do and as a result feel the teachers are spying on them. Thus they may start acting, and a student’s true character cannot be identified.
Students won’t have any experience about how a board exam will be. They take more tension as they straightaway take the Class XII board exam. This might affect their marks and college admission.
Vasanthi S.P. ,Velachery, Chennai
Students are advised to put in their best efforts for maximum learning instead of focusing on only marks or grades.
The projects and other active learning experiences are also aimed at enhancement of learning and better understanding of subjects. Schools are being advised to organise additional learning experiences in such a manner that the students are not put to any stress or pressure.
You are advised to be your natural self in different settings in order to get true assessment as feedback for further improvement.
If a student studies regularly and sincerely during all the years, there is no reason why Class XII Board examination should create any pressure.
Please understand that the new scheme aims at providing holistic education without compromising on excellence in academics.
I am studying in Class XII (Science group). Will studying from the NCERT textbooks fetch us marks in the board exams? What points do we need to concentrate for Organic Chemistry?
Karteek Ponnuru, Visakhapatnam
The textbook published by NCERT is recommended for preparation for the Board examination. However, standard reference material in the subject also needs to be consulted for greater understanding of the concepts included in different content areas.
A student is required to give more attention to the understanding of concepts related to organic reactions, reasoning, mechanism, etc., from this section.
I am in Class X. Will the pre-Board examination marks be considered in the Board examinations? If so, how?
Harsha Suri
No, the marks obtained in the pre-Board examination are not added or included in the Board examination marks.
I am in Class X. I would like to know whether the lesson ‘Electric Motors and Electric Generators in the Magnetic Effect of Current’ will be considered for evaluation in the Board examination.
Is the schematic diagram of domestic circuit included in the syllabus for the Board examination?
No, the diagrams and the detailed working of electric motor and electric generator are not included in the syllabus for t he examination purpose.
A student is required to know only the principle on which these machines work.
Yes, the schematic diagram of domestic electrical circuit is included in the syllabus for the Board examination.
Are we required to produce the same diagrams or experiments as given in the NCERT textbook for the board examination?
Will marks be deducted if we exceed the given word limit?
Will marks be deducted if extra information (other than given in textbook) is written?
Is it necessary to write speech/article only from the Main Course Book (MCB) in English? Can we completely write them in our own ideas?
Ravi Kishore
Any alternative scientifically correct diagram or experiment is considered equally good for the examination purpose.
No. Marks are not deducted for exceeding the word limit. However, it is better to write to the point and exact answers in order to save time.
It is always better to write the desired answer as per the requirements of the question. Unnecessary information in the answer does not get any additional credit.
A speech or an article is based on the topics and themes discussed in the Main Course Book. Students are expected to be well versed with the themes mentioned in the MCB.
However, the questions are so framed that students are encouraged to answer the questions on the basis of their reading of the MCB and also use their own ideas based on their understanding, experiences and reading of material from other sources.
I am in Class X. What is the word limit to be followed for the 10-mark question in section B (writing) in English Communicative.
Should we strictly follow the word limit or is it okay to exceed it by about 10 words? How many points are we supposed to include in the answer?
Manjula S.
K.V.No.1, Tirupati
No. Marks are not deducted for exceeding the word limit. However, it is better to write to the point and exact answers in order to save time.
On what basis will the school provide a stream of subjects?
Jwalant Bodi
A stream of combination of subjects in Class XI is commonly allotted on the basis of marks or grades obtained by the students in the corresponding
subjects in the Class X examination.
If a student gets E grade, that is less than 33 marks, can he join Plus One in State board?
Can CBSE students join ITI, and polytechnics in Tamil Nadu, with the grades they acquire?
N. Balamurugan, Teacher, Sister Alphonsa School, Kudha, Nilgiris
Any student who fails to get a qualifying grade D in any subject is required to improve the grade in subsequent attempts for admission to higher class.
Yes, the grades obtained in the CBSE examination will be equally valid and hold good for getting admission in ITI, polytechnics, etc.
What is the syllabus for social science? Will individual questions be asked without the information from source boxes in history?
Why did painter Julius Huibner depict Germania as fallen women? What is the symbolic meaning of the painting?
Jomy Joshua
For social Science syllabus, please refer to the CBSE publications, Secondary School Curriculum volume I, 2010 Main subjects. The syllabus is also given at the Board’s website
Questions will be asked from the material given in source boxes in the prescribed History textbook of Class X as well as from related content given in the textbook. Please read the content given in the prescribed Social Science textbooks.
The existing practice of the CBSE board examination is a good one. The option of the board examination is creating two types of students. If the board insists on conducting the examination, all students will prepare all subjects giving equal importance. Otherwise, they will not prepare properly, and the number of students figuring in the top scoring list will come down.
Nandakumar, Olavakkot
The reforms in examination have been introduced after countrywide consultations and deliberations. The new scheme aims at bringing about a paradigm shift from examination-centred learning to holistic education. Class-X examination for students studying in secondary or senior secondary schools will be based on the same syllabus, same pattern of examination and same difficulty level of question papers. Hence, it will certainly not create two categories of students.

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