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The GPSC is an outcome of the progressive vision of its founder members. The idea was conceived in February 2000 and by May 2000 it had been given a formal shape, when it was registered as a society with the State of Haryana under the Societies Registration Act 1860. The society is formed to promote and develop social, cultural and educational development amongst the members. The council strives to- (a) Increase capacity building due to the changing socio-eco scenario of Gurgaon (b) Frequent meeting of member schools helps to galvanize professionalism. It has been envisaged that at the outset the Council would serve the areas in and around Gurgaon District and that the area of service shall thereafter be expanded to other districts in the State. Some of the issues it took up since its inception are detailed as follows –

6th Annual Conference
A. The Annual Conference of GPSC members was organized on 20 Jan 2007. The main theme of the conference was ‘Excellence: A New Perspective’
Prof. G Ravindra, Joint Director, NCERT gave a deep insight into newer perspectives of education and the role of teacher as the torchbearer of the society. He stressed that both on economical and cultural spheres, there is an urgent need to re-define excellence in education. He emphasized that self realization is imperative for education. Students of today are running from pillar to post to attend tuitions in the pursuits of so-called knowledge. But ideally, they must be seeking the truth. Besides, a teacher must be cognizant of the interaction with students. Communication through authoritative assertion of facts will not ensure excellence. Education is a kind of training to the mind. It ought to bring order and discipline to mind. Talking strongly against heavy school bags and the trend of tuitions, he said that self learning based on research and analysis is the best form of education. Winding up the session, he said that one has to feel the truth to achieve excellence in life. In a nutshell, he gave five guiding principles to ensure excellence in education:
I. Teach the precious values of truth and integrity.
2. Encourage over-all development of the child.
3. Connect classroom knowledge to the outside world.
4. De-stress examination, one picture is better than thousand words.
5. Emphasize qualitative memory implying learning without burden.
Thus, the new perspective of excellence must foster solutions through dialogue with the right kind of attitude for every aspect, be it cognitive, metaphysical, aesthetic or environmental.
Mr. Sushil Dutt, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, gave a timely appraisal of the admission policy delving deep into its pros and cons. He opined that a country’s judiciary should not take away the power of admissions from the educationists. For any educational institution, he recommended transparency in the policies. Granting admission should solely be the discretion of the school Principal with no interference of politics. He strongly came down on the point system that the schools adopt regarding the residence of the student being in the vicinity of the school. Uniformity in admission policy cannot be ensured without standardization of education amongst schools.
He strongly felt that schools must adopt new methods to the changing scenario. The quotas should be based on economic criteria rather than caste or creed. Many schools grant admission to children of bright parents foreseeing a bright genre, but many a times children belonging to lower strata of life do exceptionally well. Thus, he concluded that admission policy should be formulated in all fairness based on extensive case studies and analysis by educationist.
Dr. Jitendar Nagpal, Programme Director, Expression India – Life Skills Education and School Mental Health Programme, headed the next session. He enlightened the audience with a presentation on excellence saying that excellence is not only a metaphor of existence, but it should be simplicity of life. He stressed on having a positive outlook. He asked the teachers to give child a better tomorrow rather than a challenge quoting Mark Twain that ‘Don’t let my schooling interfere with my education’. According to him a child should be prepared for failures. He also stressed that a child should be well adapted and adjustable to social environment. He emphasized on parents’ education and maintenance of consistency which should not confuse child’s psycho-social wellness. The excellence is not the same as it was in Shanti Niketan because it is now a co-ordination of family, teachers and adults. The dimensions of psychological issues in children must be unlocked. We want children to be emotionally mature so we need to praise them rather than criticize. He strongly opposed physical punishment for children.
Mrs Chitralekha Gurumurthy, Director, Academics CBSE, addressed the next session wherein she enlightened the audience on excellence in education. According to her, education starts at the womb of mother and continues till the end of man’s life. She said that the fortune favours the brave, thus one should have faith in oneself. One person is different from other only by Shraddha. Seize the present day and put least possible trust in tomorrow. Since opportunity is the key word, don’t let it slip through your hands. She laid importance on hard work saying the words of John Heywood that hard beginning makes a good ending. Vision and values go together. A person should know what he values the most. A person with sharp vision could define the goals well. The key is in having a destination, a flight plan and a compass. She recommended that a teacher should help the child to aim high. Education is to take the child along the journey by removing stress. She very beautifully gave the example of Arjuna’s ‘Eye’ concept. Thus, take up one idea and make that idea your life, think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. This is the way to excellence.
She said that the path of our life is not a bed of roses, there are bound to be more thorns in one’s way. But the secret of excellence is to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. She concluded that excellence should give confidence but not complacency; it should add humility and not snobbishness. It should take a person to a summit from where he envisions great heights. Thus excellence should progressively diversify and expand. A teacher is essential for leading a child to excellence.
In the end, students from Blue Bells Model School, Sector-4, Gurgaon presented a dance on universal brotherhood, peace and harmony. The theme of their performance was, ‘A paradise to live’. They beautifully and rhythmically danced on the notes of ‘Change the world, we are the world ………’

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