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More than 3,60,000 students are expected to take IIT-JEE this year. The seat-students ratio for 2009 has improved to 1:49 when compared to the last years 1: 74. According to sources, the total number of seats for 2009 is 7200.

1. How many students are taking IIT-JEE this year?

More than 3,60,000 students are expected to take IIT-JEE this year. The seat-students ratio for 2009 has improved to 1:49 when compared to the last year’s 1: 74. According to sources, the total number of seats for 2009 is 7200.

2. With the paper format changed to MCQs, how should students approach the examination?

The papers will test the aptitude, comprehension and analytical ability of students. While tackling MCQs, the entire effort should be to maximize the number of correct answers. However, one has to keep in mind that reasoned-out guesses and correct answers carry marks, but blind guesses will lead to negative marking. So give some thought to each of the alternatives in the question. First attempt the questions you are confident of, next attempt those questions which you can logically workout or guess with reason. Black-box type questions, which you do not know anything about are to be left unanswered. Questions with no negative mark must be attempted.

3. What else is new in this year’s paper?

There will be two, three-hour (P+C+M combined) objective-type papers. Each paper will carry a varied basket of multiple-choice questions, like single-correct, multi-correct, reason-up, ‘match and mix’, assertion, passage-based, and numerical-based questions. The cut-off will be decided by summing the marks of the subject in both the papers. Each subject will thus have its own cut-off.
It is expected that two papers combined will be for 243 marks, with each subject carrying 81 marks.

4. Any last-minute tips students can follow?

  • Stay focussed and maintain a positive attitude
  • Develop speed. Refer to reputed mock-test series to build a winning exam temperament. Solve the past year’s IIT-JEE papers.
  • Remember it is quality of time spent and not the quantity alone. Hence give short breaks of 5 to 10 minutes every 1-2 hours of serious study. Completely relax when you take a break. Practice meditation to develop inner calm, poise, confidence and power of concentration.
  • Don’t overstress yourself. Five to six hours of sleep every night is a must, especially three-four days before IIT-JEE to keep yourself physically and mentally fit. While short naps may help to regain freshness, avoid over-sleeping during the day.
  • Finally, don’t be nervous if you find the paper tough since it is the relative performance that counts. Put your best analytical mind to work, and believe in your preparation.

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